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A few months back I fell in love with the flat, graphic work of Josh Agle, also known as Shag.  His use of vibrant colors and simplified humans really grabbed my attention and I felt a great desire to do some illustrations of my own.  I started playing around with character designs that took inspiration from Shag’s mid-century style, and eventually ended up with both a style of my own and a wealth of confidence that I could create artwork as beautiful as his.

Here are my five illustrations depicting Walt Disney relaxing and having a blast in HIS park, Disneyland, before opening the doors to the guests.  Each piece places Walt in one of his five original lands: Main Street U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland.

One day I hope to make artwork or design consumer products for the Disney parks and be among the ranks of such excellent artists as Shag, Kevin Kidney, and Jody Daily.

Illustrated using Adobe Illustrator.

June 30th, 2013.

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This gave me goosebumps and then proceeded to leave me in tears…such a moving piece. To anyone out there who has ever been bullied, felt alone, or misunderstood, you aren’t alone. Please come to talk to me, I’ll listen. Stay strong.

This video hits home on so many levels. I encourage everyone to sit down, watch, and then pass this video along. Thank you xoxo

everybody needs to watch this

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It appears Disney has revealed that they have no intentions of making more hand-drawn or 2D animated feature films at the moment. Not from them, or any of their associated companies, as Disney’s chief executive Bob Iger declared at the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting.

The hand-drawn animation is being done mostly for television right now, and even though they are not ruling out the possibility of a film with this technique in the future, at the moment there are none.

The intention of making a comeback with the traditional hand-drawn 2D films like The Princess and the Frog or Winnie the Pooh was not rewarded as they weren’t such a hit at the box office as they hoped, specially comparing them to CGI movies like Bolt or Tangled. 

To add to this (outrageousness) sadness, there have been cuts at the studios in the 2D animators crew, and as animator Tom Bancroft reported in his twitter account, remarkable names such as Ruben Aquino (Ursula-The Little Mermaid, Adult Simba-The Lion King), Nik Ranieri (Lumiere-Beauty and the Beast, Hades-Hercules), Alex Kupershmidt (Stitch-Lilo&Stitch, Koda-Brother Bear) and Russ Edmonds (Cody-The Rescuers Down Under, Kala-Tarzan).

Personally, I prefer hand-drawn animation as I feel it has much more of a wow factor. I guess kids today might prefer CGI for some reason, but hand-drawn animation is not only a tradition, but a treasure, and I do hope they get to do more 2D films soon, to me, this technique is transcendental. And losing these geniuses that brought so much to us AND to the studios, is with no doubt, one of the (stupidest) saddest things.

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